The Best is Yet to come...



Can we tweak our reality?

I believe we can- and we should.

Mid life is dawning on us like never before- the we that we have always wanted to be is showing up- in droves.

And doesn't it make sense to shape our own reality rather than to let society dictate it to us? 

We, the boomer generation are here to declare we are no longer in the mood to be shuffled to the side, diminshed and dismissed, and to accept our lot in midlife.

Oh hell no!

The party, for many of us, is just beginning.

This midlife place is a very good place to be, it is dynamic and rich and don't fall for anyone telling you differently. 

We midlife women have acquired wisdom that can only be gained by the life experiences we have endured.  And we are gathering up all the good, bad and ugly and turning it into feminine rocket fuel!

We, collectively, are changing the face of aging. WE, and only we will decide what aging means to us.

We are circling the wagons around our own precious lives and we are letting society know who we are, and NOT the other way around. 

Let me ask you-are you living vibrantly, authentically and striding to your own beat?  If not, why not?

Your time is now. And as the saying goes- if not now, when?

You may not know it yet but everything is conspiring in your favor at this rich and vital time of life, society may want you to believe otherwise.

But sister, you are a POWERHOUSE of untapped potential- and we need you.  We need your voice, your beautiful heart and the unique expression of you.

If you are brave enough, had enough, and are willing to change what the face of aging could mean for you- then let's have a chat and see if I can help you be unapologetically AGELESS! 

If you would like to revision what midlife is going to look like for you, please join me for my workshops and retreats or schedule private sessions with me. (both 0nline and off)  

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